Ok first off i have to say I actually enjoy the paragon changes somewhat. They've made it a class that is closer to its description. However i do find that there are a few problems still that are somewhat minor and I just want them out there officially in the suggestion forums.

1) all classes Dual wielding is broken. it only takes the stats from the 2nd weap not damage so skills that are supposed to combine the 2 weapons damage for bonus damage only get 1

2)I know that things in PTS can change fast but this has been bugging me alot on PTS

Rising Waterfall does not proc the new changes to Way of the Wind so we do not get the bonus damage from a skill that should require dual wielding. however the description does not say it requires dual wield (im assuming this is for people who want to spec lower into paragon) so if possible could there be a line added to Way of the Wind that also includes Rising Waterfall?

3) The Paragon is supposed to be a smooth killing machine but everytime i use a freakin finisher(SLI excluded) i have to pause all attacks for 1.5s because of the GCD this is insanely annoying because it kills the feel the of the class and i dont feel smooth anymore. In fact i feel like a deformed bird or something flapping his wing and spinning in a circle useless.

So could we get a passive or something that is high in the tree that removes Shifting Blades and Bend like the Reed off GCD to create the true paragon feel that you promised us in the description instead of the clunky robot that needs to lube up every 3 seconds.