Couldn't see this suggested in the first 2 pages, and thought it would be a good idea if we could have the Raid Rift Daily Quests and Expert Rift Daily Quests on a maximum of 7 and if under that increased by one every day like the current LFD is.

This way Guilds could also plan Rift evenings the way they plan dungeon evenings and raid evenings.

To sum up, place Raid and Expert Rifts on a similar system to 5 man instances. Just have the first chest drop a mote or for experts some other item, i vote for gagetizmo, rather than the current quest system. That way also there would be a lot less D'OH!!! moments when people have forgotten to get the quest to. (Not guilty on that point btw hehe, but there is always a few every time the guild goes to do them)