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Thread: Adjusable difficulty.

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    Default Adjusable difficulty.

    Anarachy Online. How old is that game? Every quest takes place in a randomly generated dungeon and when you accept it, you can set the difficulty. Playing alone? Set it low. Really good? Set it medium. Got a party? Crank it! Now that I think about it, FFXIV had a similar feature.

    Higher difficulty resulted in more mobs with more life and damage, however, it also provided the level of challenge the people/person wanted... with corresponding reward.

    Instead of one slider, there could be multiple to fine tune the dungeon to the group. Enemy HP, enemy damage, mob density, pull count, boss difficulty, etc...

    Each slider would provide a multiplier for calculation of rewards.

    Enable 10 man modes for older dungeons... 10 man versions of T1s could either have double drops, 100% chance to drop epics, or... if made hard enough, even drop T2 gear. I think a full raid would be excessive in IT... but it'd be cool to go back with 10 people and fight harder versions of the other bosses.

    The 10 man version could be tied to the Quantum Sight. You enter the dungeon with QS up, and now you're in the 10 man version. Everything is palette shifted to a particular plane and the mobs take on aspects of that plane. Purple glow, weird life growths, flaming foot prints, etc.

    IT- Death
    DSM- Death/Earth
    DD- Earth/fire hybrid
    CC- Fire
    AP- Ice
    RotF- Life
    KB- Life/Death hybrid
    RD- Death+ X
    FC- Fire/Death
    LH- Fire

    This would be an amazingly efficient way to add new content. The dungeons are there, tweak some numbers, copy/paste some loot tables, new skins for the bosses.
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    that would actually be pretty sweet might make me stick around for another month or so
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tisch View Post
    that would actually be pretty sweet might make me stick around for another month or so
    Today, If they were to make an announcement that they will add it but it would take two months to get it in, would you stick around for three months or are you saying that if they put it in today you would stay for one month?
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