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Thread: Guardian/Defiant Ratio

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    Default Guardian/Defiant Ratio

    I've done some scouting online and I see that there's no site that offers a solid graph of the ratio of Guardians vs. Defiants on a Shard. Coming from a WoW player to this game, I have a character, but I often take ratio of population as well as class and race tally as a factor when choosing a realm. I know many other gamers who do also. Maybe Trion can come up with a similar idea to Warcraft Realms. This way during scheduled maintenance they can take a tally of the populations on each shard and gather up all the info to put in a graph for people to choose which shard they feel is best for them.

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    Aion has a great server statistics page http://na.aiononline.com/livestatus/server/ but with the option of playing both factions on same shard in this game I dont think it would do any good to waste development resources on something that wouldn't really balance ratios.

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