Is there any chance of being able to get a carriage mount?

It would be great your could have variant types of horses per level bracket similar to the current ones with say 4 would grant you the 60% and 6 grant you 90% and then you could have those really fast horses (which i have forgotten the name of)which are known for being specially bred, which could be a rare carrage going 120% mabye.

It may not be allowed in PvP battle grounds due to its size but could be profficent for world travel.

An additional idea would be to have a bank on the back which could act as storage whilst on the move thus giving the feature of the carriage.

Another concept which could be featured may be the use of the resting system as to help leveling as it is a more comfortable and stable ride, why not just drift asleep.

The use of a driver may be able to place a set route to where you want to go mabye at a certain rate.

The use of it being fire able from might be another concept which could be included, or it may just have to be for show. If it is occurant that this is a too recurrent mount the use of it being a guild mount may be more benificial with a community bank on the back. Anyhow the company would be nice with the guild bard playing away to help ease those long distance travels.

Just a thought anyhow, please take some consideration.