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Thread: Suggestion - About new armor models

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    Default Suggestion - About new armor models

    I know the game has just been released and I love the wardrobe system, but since you can only put your calling's armor type there, it ends rather limited.

    If you could possibly adapt some NPC gear to be avaliabe as costume gear it would be amazing. I always loved the "Pharaoh" look of that technician on Defiant starting zone but there's nothing close to that to wear.

    Here, a list of some things to think while you guys design armor:
    - Sandal / Gladiator-style or something more "free" to put your feet on.
    - Kilts; the game definitely needs this.
    - NPCs have amazing gear; I'd adapt those models to be wearable by players.

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    I'd like to add, please add weapon models that don't suck.
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