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Thread: Expansion idea (when it comes time to do one)

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    Default Expansion idea (when it comes time to do one)

    The expansion would take place like 3-5 years into the future. Meridian has been sacked and the Defiants have pushed themselves out west. Since Port Scion is the jewel of the east means that their should be a bit of land out west. You can have the new Defiant Base be Terminus but a more modern version. Thus the guardians smash the time machine beacon in the arc but Orphiel makes a new one. Ah well pretty much it could help usher in Realm v Realm style because you could have double the land mass and drastic changes to the game.

    If the story went Meridian was sacked a year later or something the appearance of the mechanical ascended would change history but is it enough to change the dire fate of the world? This would change the whole technically INFINITE numbers of mechanical ascended because they keep sending people back and they could technically send more and more back with energy sources from the future to the past thus doubling their sources of energy. Its really poorly thought out the whole time travel thing so something would have to be done to keep preventing more and more to THAT exact point in time.

    This is just an idea on what I think the expansion could be like, whats your thought on my idea?

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    Or there could be rebellions in both factions that result in new factions. Defiants could have a rebellion lead by those already in the faction who would do anything and cross any boundary in pursuit of power, while the Ivory Tower idealists of Meridian exile those who went too far and seek to keep up with their newly formed rivals without sacrificing their humanity in the process.

    Meanwhile Sanctum could be divided by the revelation of what the Vigil actually are, with those who are fanatically faithful remaining loyal while many who feel betrayed lead a great heretical uprising, resulting in the mass executions of heretics in Sanctum while many heretics flee and found a new order. Perhaps based around the martial ideals of Kain.

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