With the upcoming proposed changes to channeled spells in patch 1.3 with the channeled spells being interrupted when line of sight or range is broken, I have a concern about the cabalist soul, wich requires the channeled spell "decay" to hit for all 3 of it's ticks in order for the soul to be effective. Of course my main concern is that this change makes ALL CHANNELED SPELLS completely and 100% useless in PvP. Since you already can't move, you can't stop someone from getting a free interrupt by stepping behind something jutting out of the ground. However the class that will feel this the most is the cabalist. Basically if you don't have 3 lurking decays built up you're a non-factor. If people can just cancel your spell, and negate your lurking decay's, you are useless in PvP.

My suggestion is that you don't completely screw this channeled spell reliant class into oblivion, by making decay a standard instant cast spell that triggers a global cooldown like normal. This allows Cabalists to charge their lurking decays individual without having to mess around with a channeled spell.

My other suggestion is if that's impossible, all clerics specced cabalist get a free re-spec.