First off to get it out of the way. Yes i know there are addons to be put in next patch, however i feel these should be implemented into the game itself.

I would like to see some form of equipment manager for having to swap gear in and out when swapping specs. But to be more specific i would like to be able to save my gear sets to certain specs. Say I am marksman spec and i want to swap to bard and have a healing trinket/source core i want to swap with it. I hit activate on my soul tree and with that the trinket and source core swap out also with that one click. Something of that nature.

Threat meter is a huge one i would like to see and a NEED for this game especially. I don't like crutches and is why i hated things such as healbot in WoW, however in this game when pulling aggro normally equals a 1-2 shot from the mob you almost NEED some sort of proactive ability to avoid it. At this point in time its basically dps dps dps dps pull aggro dead. All the threat meter would be allowing is for me to dps dps dps dps red in threat stop...dps dps dps, etc.

I would hope you would take these two things into consideration and any other ideas you guys would like to add would be great .