I'm not sure if it factors into the actual contribution and favor you gain from the match but I think it would be nice to see how many times someone casted debuffs.

This would be especially worthwhile in 1.3 patch when debuffing a target that you can't kill by crits alone will prove who is pulling their weight or trying to do more than spam one button for dmg.

Things that would count as debuffs would be anything that debuffs stats, healing, dmg, or even does cc or slows. It could be stored client side and just passed over at the 2 minute mark before the match ends or 100 pts from completion so that it's not live the entire time.

Anyone else like the idea of seeing who is debuffing instead of just heals and dmg?

I think I might use it as a personal tool also to identify players that are self sacrificing and willing to put out team effort instead of reaching toward personal effort. In reality when someone uses a debuff and they did that when they were dps spec they reduced their damage to perform that and they don't get credit for it at all - seems a bit of a waste to not let others know the reason the were lower dmg was because they increased dmg for others as an example - a self sacrificing team oriented trait.