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Thread: Favored Ascended - Possible Solution for New/Casual Players in Raids/Tiered Content

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    Default Favored Ascended - Possible Solution for New/Casual Players in Raids/Tiered Content

    TL;DRers, please read yellow text.

    Before I present this suggestion, it was quickly thought of and I wanted to write it down before I forgot. I did a few searches and came up with no results similar to this idea. I sincerely apologize if this was mentioned before and I would gladly support and bump whatever thread it is mentioned in.

    This is food for thought, I encourage your opinions/expansions/etc on this.

    Unfortunately I do not know what to suggest for people who prefer to solo. This game is not very solo-friendly at the moment at endgame, either.

    Please note that I am aware this does not apply to everyone in the mentioned groups. Of course there will be exceptions. This is an MMO, and it is very difficult to appeal to every individual, just how it is very difficult to have a government that everyone likes.

    Problem: There is a split between casual/new and hardcore players. While there is a lot of gray area, this seems to be a major issue that could contribute to the game's success or failure.

    A. There are people who want the content to be tiered accordingly. Those who put in more effort get more rewards. Appealing to some hardcore/long-term players. Not so appealing to some new/casual players.

    B. Then there are people who are worried that as the game has more and more content, it would be very difficult for new/casual players to be able to keep up/play with their friends. Appealing to some casual/new players. Not appealing to some hardcore/long-term players.

    Solution: Give the new/casual player the option to become a Favored Ascended. This will give them special benefits to be able to catch up to their friends faster.

    Why not just give this to just new or just casual players? It would be difficult to keep track of who is new or a casual player. It's up to the players to decide who is worthy of their vote.

    This process must be presented in a way that would not be easily abused. Only the truly Favored will have this option.

    How Does One Become A Favored Ascended?

    1. Player will need to be level 50. They will needed to be voted in by other players.

    2. Players will have limitations on voting. Possibly 1 vote for only 1 player per week. Maybe give rewards to certain players to be able to vote more than once per week.

    Expanding on Vote System
    Implement a Reputation System where people can +rep on other players for good deeds? There would need to be a limitation on that as well (Limit so that people couldn't make a ton of new chars to add rep). There would be no negative rep system for the sake of possible griefing.

    3. When enough votes are cast (not sure on a reasonable amount, there should be a min/max vote), that person will become a Favored Ascended.

    In this way, it might be possible for people who are just starting out or are casual to catch up with their more hardcore friends.

    What are the benefits of being a Favored Ascended?

    1. Earn more plaques per boss. Maybe have this scale with votes, although have a reasonable maximum cap on this.

    2. In groups/raids, Favored Ascendeds have increased drop rates for gear pertaining to their class. This would need to be given only to each Favored Ascended, no Need/Greed/Pass required. This would probably have to be scaled as well. In order to prevent NPC abuse for plat, these items will need to be unique and have no sale value. They can have the same exact stats and look just like the normal items, with the exception that they have no sale value.

    3. There should not be any extra status associated with being a Favored Ascended. The purpose of this is to catch people up with their friends so that they can enjoy the game with them. If there were any cosmetic benefits, the system would be broken. A cosmetic system could pertain to the Reputation System mentioned in Italics above.


    1. Favored Ascended should only last for a limited amount of time. Any unique Favored Ascended items would of course be kept. Possibly make the limit gear-based (once they reach a certain requirement) instead of time-based?

    2. There should be a limited amount of times someone can become a Favored Ascended.

    3. For special cases (long-term illness, hiatus, etc), players can send an appeal to support for another chance to become a Favored Ascended if they have no more chances left.

    Closing Thoughts:

    This is a rough draft. This is not end all be all. I highly encourage any input on this. Are you for it or against it? Have a better name than Favored Ascended?

    TL;DR: By choosing wisely who to vote for per week, you could give one person benefits for a limited time to catch up to their friends/guildmates faster in content. There would be a min/max vote in order for them to become a Favored Ascended.

    As always, please respect other peoples' opinions and be constructive!
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