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Thread: How about a 6th Role?

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    Default How about a 6th Role?

    I'd like to have a 6th role as well! It doesn't hurt the game mechanics or anything, to give us another role (but please don't overprice it even more, 100P is fine) and it is certainly needed by some classes!

    i.e.: if you're a Warrior, you're having 1-2 roles for tanking, and another 1-2 for DPS and PVP, but you're generally fine with the current limit of 5.

    However, if you're a Mage like me, 5 roles are just not enough:
    • You need an Elementalist/Stormcaller role for PVE DPS and strong AoE
    • Then you need a Necromancer/Warlock role, because in certain situations you're considered useless, if you don't have a build which can dispell buffs, and also the DoT damage might be better for fights with a lot of movement....
    • Then there is the Chloromancer role, which is a must-have. I enjoy healing, and also it's often your only ticket into PUG Random instances...
    • About instances, well Raiding! You need an Archon role, 'coz peeps always need a support, and ofc you always want to be useful for your teams...
    • Thats 4 this far, but if you're enjoying PVP as well, just like me, you need some kind of Archmage/Dominator build for it.
    • Also, always doing the PVP with the same thing gets boring fast, it can be fun to toss Fulminate crits in the faces of your foes, so you would need an Archmage/Pyromancer role as well, but thats the sixth - you can't have.. for no real reason!
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    I would even be okay if they allowed us to buy additional roles that we have to pay every time we switch them. I'd gladly pay the standard 50g respec cost if I could have hot bars setup for roles 6-10.

    As a cleric I currently have:
    Full DPS
    Support and range DPS
    PvE Heal
    PvP spec

    I would really like to have a solo/farm spec, a 2nd tank spec, at least one additional heal spec, and 2 more pvp specs.

    Role 6 200plat
    7 300plat
    8 400plat
    9 500plat
    10 500plat
    Quote Originally Posted by Vashane View Post
    I would just like to add, I sure hope they don't add something to this game before they add something else that is totally unrelated to the thing they might add, because that would really tick me off or something if they added it first before the thing that should be added first even though its totally unrelated like, you know?

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    Yeah, well, i don't even have a solo spec. anymore as well, there's simply no room for it...

    But paying to switch your roles would mean you can only switch them at certain NPCs which i wouldn't really like to see... I prefer being able to switch on any role i want, wherever/whenever i want...

    But generally yeah, i see your point, maybe even 6 roles are too few if you really want to get into the game and have an "ace card" for any situation which comes your way.

    Anyways as much as i know about programming, they would only need to change a variable from 5 to 6 or whatever, and add another database record which tells you how much the new roles cost... It really is like a good 10seconds work, so please Trion!...

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