With all the incessant complaining and QQ on the forums (some of it valid, most not). Its become clear that this game does have a fair number of people who do not raid but wish to continue progressing. Wether it be by doing a toned downed puggable 10 or 20 man or a harder version of a 5 man. Here is what I am proposing.

Every instance up to 50 has a normal difficulty, that would be its default ie, casual. For some instances this means it isn't level 50. Thats fine. At level 50 you step into the second tier. Aside from its default level you have a normal difficulty which is what experts are now. I'm proposing beyond that we add an additional layer of difficulty which would be pre nerf experts, maybe even tweaked up a bit. Each tier will have its own loot,

Now we move on to raid content. In 10 and 20 man raids you have the current level of difficulty which we will also call "normal". Below that we will have a layer of casual difficulty where the bosses are toned down, maybe one mechanic is removed to facilitate PUGing. At the top level we have the hard difficulty setting, unlocked after completing it on normal. Again better loot, harder bosses, with perhaps an additional mechanic or another layer to an existing mechanic.

This is not something that can be done overnight I realize but I really do believe that its in Trion's best interest to do this as soon as possible. Both to allow them more cushion time to make patches, but also to give something for casual players to do. It only makes logical sense that a developer would want as many people as possible to see their creation. So having raid content that only 10% of the player base ever sees is..well its sort of a waste of time and talent. The setup time to get this in place may take alot of work up front but in the long run it will position Trion in a much better place down the road to keep more people satisfied.

Keep in mind this is about instanced content, I'm not talking about anything else so please don't start some in thread fight about single player endgame content, this is a seperate issue. But equally as important.