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Thread: Similar Effects Overwriting (bug)?

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    Default Similar Effects Overwriting (bug)?

    I started playing Rift after 1.2, from what I heard DR worked very differently before 1.2. I don't know what that was like, but I can say that right now DR is very nonsensical because of its effect on this particular thing I noticed.

    I noticed that if you apply 2 similar effects (i.e. 2 different snares) on the same target in sequence, the latter will always overwrite the first. A few examples to how stupid this get:

    Example 1: a Bladedancer snares his target, who is now slowed for a good 8 seconds, but the target gets away from the Bladedancer with a gapmaker cooldown; to get on target again the Bladedancer uses his charge, which roots the target for 2 seconds. Now the target is rooted for a whooping 1 second, because of DR, on top of that, the 8 second snare is gone. The target is also now immune to roots and snares.

    Example 2: a player uses a 70% slow on a target, someone else from his group uses a second, inferior 50% snare on the same target right after. Now the target is slowed for only 50% for 4 seconds, as if the 70%, 8 second snare never happened.

    Another thing that is related to this is, Nightblade's 31 soul point ability, Dusk to Dawn, will not work properly combined with DR. If the target is currently immune to roots because of DR, Dusk to Dawn will cause the rogue to channel the ability, adds combo points for the rogue, but not do any damage. I just don't see how that can be intended. I'm fairly new to the game so I don't know every class and all the abilities, but I won't be surprised if there are other abilities that fail to work because of similar reasons. What's really surprising to me is that the same thing does not happen on a target that is permanently immune to snare, you would still see an "immune" coming out, but the damage will happen properly.

    I understand this effect overwriting thing is probably needed in a PvE perspective, since we wouldn't want different debuffs that do the same thing stacking indefinitely on one same boss. There is a simple solution to this, however; either make the overwriting happen only on PvE targets, or allow multiple similar effects to be present on the same target, but make it so only the most powerful among them actually take effect.

    From what I've seen in the 1.3 patch notes, Trion has no intention of changing DR groups or putting snares off DR, I'm not even arguing for that anymore. What I have described definitely is more of a bug rather than a design choice, this is the reason why CCs are so utterly useless in a Warfront.
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