This got some positive feedback on the General Forum soI thought I'd flesh it out a bit more and post it here since I didnt know there was a Suggestions forum until too late Anyways thanks for listening.

Wonders of the Realms.

A chance for the citizens of the realms to work together to complete larger works which benefit everyone.

Synopsis: Each area of the realm, i.e. Freemarch, Stonefield, etc... have access to the creation of Wonders.
The wonder could be a giant cathedral, a crystal tower, an animated colossus, a hanging garden, but different for each realm and possibly for each side, one for Defiant and one for Guardians.
Each wonder provides a different bonus to the players in that realm once completed; examples might be increased experience gain, increased defenses against invasion forces, in increased chance to find rare artifacts, soulwalk recharges faster, or a chance to enter a rare spawning dungeon.

How it works: Defiant Stonefield wonder: Orphielís Titanous Troll Defender

Granite Falls in Stonefield would have an NPC representative of Orphiel who explains to players that he is accepting donations of materials for the building of a mighty construct to assist in the defense of the town. In order to build it though he needs a LOT of materials and they can help. Specifically, he needs 150,000 planarite to power it, 15000 iron bars, 10000 titanium bars, 5000 exotic furs for a covering and so on. This allows for people of all levels to help provide for the wonder to be created, from the level 20 just starting in Stonefield to the level 50 who is harvesting in Stillmoor. It also would be designed to take a while as well.

As the donations roll in to Orphiels assistant, scaffolding appears in a corner of Granite Falls, with a giant robotic troll inside. At 25, 50 and 75 percent it appears more and more complete until all the materials are donated. Once it is announced that it is done, a special invasion could trigger where Granite Falls is specifically targeted. An elite invasion boss for the realm of Earth has been angered by this fakery and sets upon the town to destroy it. Once the enemy has been engaged by the players, the scaffolding disappears and the Titanous Troll Defender appears and wades into combat with the Earth boss.

The Earth boss is tough though and after he has been damaged a certain amount by the players and the defender he bests the Titanous Troll Defender sending it to the ground. However, hopefully the Defender has helped weaken the elite boss enough for the players to finish him off.

On besting the elite boss, Orphiels assistant announces across the realm that all that work was not in vain, he can patch up the troll and have it ready in a day for another invasion. A scaffolding appears again in Granite Falls for the rest of the day, the next day the Titanous Troll stands ready.

They donít have to be so elaborate but that was the one example I had that was the most fleshed out.

For the roleplaying folks, the wonder, the Lost Gardens of Eloserie in Silverwood would have lots of places to discuss plots and past lives and would provide a bonus to green bar experience recharging for everyone in the realm.

On PVP servers, wonders are vulnerable as they are being built and can be damaged and even destroyed. This would require they be guarded or give impetus to hunting down an opposing sides wonder and destroying it.