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Thread: Shut down some servers.

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    Default Shut down some servers.

    I don't know how many servers are like this, but Snarebrush is a ghost town. I assume that the free transfers are supposed to help with problems like this, but any time they're mentioned on this server, it's just everyone hoping and praying that we can get the hell out.

    I kind of feel like it's a sign of weakness when a game starts shutting down servers... but I don't really care. We'd like to enjoy the game and we feel that this is best accomplished by playing with other people, for once. World events are only completed in Silverwood, RDF ques are literally hours long, and there are several zones in which seeing another player at all is a rare event.

    Can we have our game back, please?

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    The game population is actually still growing.


    Transfers are coming.
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