It would be nice if we could play on other toons while queued. Then when we get a group it gives us the option (just like if you are on that toon) if you want to join the group. If you hit yes then it logs you off and auto logs in that toon and puts you in the group.

One thing that makes waitingo n the queue such a bad experience is the fact you just sit there after you have your dailies done and have done all the other quests in the game. Just like last night I sat in Meridian waiting on a queue. I had done the dailies, and I have done basically ever quest in the game, for that toon, but I'm forced to sit there and wait on a queue. If I could though log off and play and alt during that time I wouldn't mind so much. Yes the queues would still be a long time, but you wouldn't mind as much cause you would have more options. This would also possibly get more healers and tanks in the queue as people might level more alts to fill thsoe roles and begin playing them more.