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Thread: Idea: Crafting/gathering Souls

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    Default Idea: Crafting/gathering Souls

    It occurred to me that there are PvE souls, and PvP souls, but what might be nice to have is a crafting soul.

    Crafting/Gathering in RIFT is very much your basic MMO crafting/gathering system, and that is fine, but I think it would be neat if there were special souls one could get which would enhance either crafting or gathering in general or perhaps have a specific soul tied to a particular profession.

    I imagine a setup similar to the PvP soul in which your rank in the profession determines how far you can go into the tree. I think that with players being able to have multiple roles it would be nice to have a crafting/gathering setup.

    Some talents would be perhaps: abilities with a %chance to give more resources from a gathering node, %chance or static drop in required materials for crafting, specific recipes gained through talents (like accessing the memory of the soul being used), larger range on minimap tracking etc., or even the ability to gather while being attacked.

    What do you all think of a crafting/gathering soul?

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    this aspect is something i enjoyed with the new ff mmo, the only real good thing about it imo lol. But yes i think would be good, evan if its only basic or small improvements.

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