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Thread: Fix Artifact Spawn Rates Already

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    Default Fix Artifact Spawn Rates Already

    Seriously... You guys went one way and now the complete opposite direction with artifact spawns. Admittedly originally they did have a high rate of spawn but it wasn't in need of completely decimating artifact hunting.

    You can literally search for HOURS and not find an artifact now. I've quit even trying to hunt them anymore because it isn't fun at all anymore. You completely gutted the fun from artifact hunting.

    If you were going to make the spawns so abysmal. then you should have at least added an artifact tracking skill. Trying to hunt them now is just pointless and frustrating. Every artifact hunter I know is infuriated and rightly so. You had something great and turned it into something terrible.
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    agreed i would rather more artifacts with lower blue rate than lower amount of artifacts with less blue rate.

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    I'm probably in the minority here, but I like the new system.

    Before, blues were far too uncommon for me to even bother hunting them. Now it's kind of a fun escape from the daily grind.
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