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Thread: Better Skill Tooltips, please?

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    Default Better Skill Tooltips, please?

    Not really asking for much, but is there any way we can get our stats to be included in the Tooltips for our skills? As it stands, the current Tooltips are incredibly...inaccurate to say the least. I'll have one that says my skill does 52-68 damage, but when I use it, it does 90 something on a non-crit. Kind of makes it hard to see exactly what my Stat and other increases are doing for skills till I use them.

    Also, please fix the turning animation and give the main cities their own detailed maps. The latter would stop new players with half a brain asking where the bank or auction person is. You open your Sanctum/Meridian map and there's a little bank icon chilling there.

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    tooltips are working as intended are not inaccurate.

    They show the base damage before modifiers, it would be almost impossible to show tooltips that showed actual damage of a spell for example, as it changes pritty much every time you cast it, esp in raids, so many variables.

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