My suggestion for Increasing World pvp. World items initially drop in wfs each wf has a pool of the items and theres a chance they will drop from a kills. From there whoever gets it has the item for X amount of time, real time not time played, to use the item or buff associated with it. only 1 of these types of items can be held at a time. The buffs would offer things like increased Favor/prestige outside of wfs. Notoriety with appropriate Factions for kills outside of Wfs. They would be strong Enough that you would rather have this buff and use it then be in wfs or sitting in town.

With the Buff you are also limited in your association with NPCs you can accept and turn in quest send mail and place items on the AH the Drink Merchant and the porticulum(sp) Master.

When a World Item Holder enters an Area an announcement is Made World item(item name) has entered Stillmoor for example

By picking up the item You basically make the zone you enter a pvp hot spot.

Grouping with the holder applies the buff to everyone in the group so a group can get together and go running around a zone waiting for the other side to show up.

When the holder dies the item drops on there corpse for the next person to group if the item is not used within the time limit it disappears

please keep any comments positive