Well, let me start of quickly, in here I shall post various suggestions that seem to make sense, at least in my head, not so sure about others, but nether the less, please bear with me.

So, for one, the Wardrobe, just a quick one here.

Weapons and Shields:

Well, perhaps it is just me being a bit picky, but I feel that it would be useful to have Wardrobe slots for Weapons and Shields, simply because not all Weapons out there look nice, in fact, some look somewhat bizarre.

- 3 slots, one for each piece, Main-hands, Off-hands / Shields / Tomes, Two-handed Weapon slots.

- Dynamic weapon slot allocation, for example, you have all 3 slots visible, but until you equip the parent weapon type you cannot utilize them. So, using a Mace and Shield unlocks the Main-hand and Off-Hand slots, but only for the said item.

Guild Heraldry:

- Any shield in the characters possession should be given the choice to be reverted to the shields base material, wood, metal etc and then have an emblem stamped on it.

- Guild Heraldry designer, allow guild members the opportunity to unlock a Heraldry slot for 5 - 10 Platinum at level 5 Guild, this should allow them to design a Guild Decal to be used for the previous.

Now, onto mounts.

Armoured mounts:

- Acquirable Armour for mounts which can be placed in different slots much like your character, obviously only superficial, Head-piece, Leg-guards, Main-guard, Barding - which should be given the option of colour, Saddle-choice, all of which are able to be Dyed as such.

- Add recipes to Armoursmith / Outfitter recipe vendors, which allow the creation of pieces of Armour and Barding etc. Outfitters Saddles and Barding, Armoursmiths the rest, another idea could be to have pre-set vendors to sell a few basic pieces.

- Choice to disable mount armour, incase you feel it looks not quite right and just want the mounts speed without the look in the cases of the high level mounts.

General Mount Suggestions:

- Dismounting, grey mobs not longer force dismount and the chance of being dismounted by green + mobs lowered, I've seen people complain various amounts to such a matter, and in all it can be quite frustrating to be dismounted, then kill the mob then remount.

That is about all for my suggestions, I hope you feel a similar way to me on such matters and if not, well we're not all the same are we?

Cheers for the time, feel free to add ideas and constructive criticism.