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Thread: Suggestion: Name tracking

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    Default Suggestion: Name tracking

    1.3 is almost upon us, I wouldn't like to see ppl taking advantage of free server transfers to behave as anti-socially as they like, knowing they can just server transfer when they trash their reputation and proc a free name change by making a new toon with their current name on the destination server.

    So far I haven't met anyone who has really made the game environment unpleasant, but in previous MMOs I did. Should the same arise in Rift, I'd like to make sure they don't impinge on my playing experience in any way, shape or form.

    I believe EQ had some sort of permanent name tracking. Please consider enabling this.
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    there will be people like that, that is for certain. However i think the benefits outweigh the positive. The name tracking would be handy in some limited situations, but overall no one would really care nor invest time in looking at peoples history.

    Main issues i can see is from a guild recruiting perspective.

    Of cause we all know the huge benefits of this system, a necessary evil maybe.

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    Good suggestion.

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