What i am really missing is little upgrade for in-game mail. I would like to see mass sending of mail to chosen people from guild, friend list or even to send mail to all at specific rank in guild.

I was announcing few upgrades to all members of my guild and i spend about an hour sending mail, because it kept telling me that i have send already too many mails and i need to wait.

Secondly I would like to see upgrade to selection of LFD tool system. Selecting to T1/T2 dungeons with enough HIT/Focus/Toughness is not good idea. Many ppl are under-geared for T2, but they are so desperate and putting runes on their "crap gear" to let LFD allow them to join, but in fact they have low DPS/HPS because they are UGeared. So i suggest to somehow count HIT/FOC/TOUGH and item level, or something like that.

Thank you

Best regards, Brutius of Boiians guild (Steampike EU)