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Thread: Non-combat/creative activities need to be added

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    Default Non-combat/creative activities need to be added

    The amount and pace of stuff being put out is great. Having multiple raid instances released only a few months is more than most recently launched games have bothered to do. Even WoW has had the same raid instances since December 2010.

    There needs to be more than just combat-related grinds to the game. We need more stuff that some would consider "fluff". Right now the game is one huge grind. Grind to 50, grind T1's, grind T2's, grind factions for enchants, and finally grind raids for T3 and soon-to-be T4. Oh, and then grind battlegrounds to rank6.

    For example:

    -Player Housing. Please copy EQ2's system exactly. Collecting trophies, furniture, and other doodads to place in your house is a non-combat activity that is fun, creative, and has lasting replay value. For player housing skeptics, I urge you to check out some of the creative designs (people have created themed houses, museums, mini-spherical planets, and more) on the EQ2 official housing forum. I know most won't bother, but there are plenty of picture examples there of the creativity available with a housing system.

    -More Costumes. Character aesthetics are important to every gamer, regardless of whether or not they will admit it. Few people will bother to raid or participate in difficult encounters if the end result is their character looking the same, or similar to, the way their character looked while leveling up. More costume/appearance armor skins need to be added to the game and not just through the clothing vendor. Add unique skins as rewards for achievements and difficult quests as well as for raiding.

    -Castle Sieges/Contested Zones. While this is combat-related content, it's not raiding content. Add castles/keeps/forts (whatever you want to call them) that can be fought over and controlled by a faction. Non-instanced Port Scion is a step in the right direction, but I assume it's going to essentially be Wintergrasp2.0. Having multiple castles, rather than one single zone, to fight over is more interesting than scheduled fights over a single zone.

    I'm sure there are more examples of non-raid, creative stuff that others could suggest.

    ***My main point is that there needs to be more than just raid content added to the game. Non-raid content does not have to mean solo-friendly content. Adding other things that guilds can do together other than raid helps to prevent player burnout and appeals to a wider audience of gamers.***

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    Default yes

    I agree we need things to do other than grind dungeons and dailies.

    I would like to see a lot more materials available in the higher areas - mining nodes, plants, wood and a heap more good recipies of all types to craft and sell.

    Fishing and some good foods to sell would be good.

    I know many may not like doing trades but it is usually a big pastime for a lot of players, especially at max level.
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