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Thread: World Artifacts?

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    Default World Artifacts?

    There are a lot of artifact collections. Some are relatively easy to complete, and some, not so much.

    I humbly suggest, for all of those who are "fluff fanciers" that there be a "World Artifact" collection. In this collection, all the items would be "epic" in nature, and be ultra rare. They would also be soulbound, so they couldn't be traded between players so as to avoid unrealistic pricing.

    I propose that they would be distributed randomly, one per zone, with a permanent lockout if you have already gathered it. That way, if you accidentally vendor one, it's just too bad.

    The reward for this collection, upon turn-in, would be as epic as the effort to gain it. Something along the lines of a unique mount, or an epic set of armor, or even a "pack mule" so you can carry your bank with you (no more trips to the city to unload your items.) Those players would be also rewarded with an epic title. Furthermore, if a player is "First on the Shard" to complete the collection, he or she would be rewarded with a few platinum or an extra special title.

    The reason I suggest this is because everyone is capable of gaining most artifact collections. There needs to be something that is rare, extremely difficult to obtain, and has rewards commensurate with the difficulty.

    Sound like fun?
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    It would be so easy to make it drop off a major invasion boss with a super low chance to drop, which also syngerizes nicely with some of the other points you made. That or drop pieces of it...

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