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Thread: Burning witchstone for onehand/offhand

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    Default Burning witchstone for onehand/offhand


    First of all, Congratulations. You did, and you are doing an amazing job !

    I've seen that there is a pretty annoying imablance for mage about onehand/offhand and staff.

    Onehand/offhand, by definition, are two times harder to drop.
    Staff is easier to get, and give you +15% crit damage, which is pretty big. It's not very understantable that the combo one/off can't get that bonus.

    Thus, combo, despite the small bonus on them, is far worse than staff, and 2 times harder to get (I am speaking about relic quality weapons here for example).

    Regarding legendary items, it's normal that one/off combo is a little bit better than staff concerning bonus/proc, but, at this time : Staff of the inevtiable>Genesis Pylon>Onehand/offhand BECAUSE of the incapacity to put witchstone on it. Remember, to get the legendary combo, you have to loot it to Greenscale AND Alsbeth, and get it. Far harder than getting Genesis Pylon ! Moreover, if you actually get the onehand or the offhand, you have less SP than a legendary staff until you get your second weapons. 2 times harder to get...It would normally be better.


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