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Thread: Twistinthunder's suggestions thread.

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    Default Twistinthunder's suggestions thread.


    i would've called this thread something else but i have a lot of idea's. you may not agree/like them but that's your opinion. granted some of them are just plain silly but i think they're somewhat nice idea's even if they are....

    anyway, the first set of idea's are mostly based around souls, so ON WITH THE IDEA'S!

    Rogue souls:

    This soul is essentially based around the concept of turrets and such things, it would have the ability to add some healing to the bard soul (healing turret's) and other such mechanical things that you could think of.

    simple idea,the only thing is: there are no pistols in RIFT atm, it's still a nice idea though where the rogue uses a pistol in the main hand and either another pistol or a sword/axe/dagger/mace and is essentially another DPS soul that can choose to be ranged or melee.

    Mage souls: Note: these are both TANK soul idea's and as such are quite silly...

    A pet class, where the mage spends the majority of his time casting spells on his pet (which would be some sort of construct) to buff it against certain types of attacks, would also use AoE spells (which would be placed, of course) that force the affected mobs onto the pet.

    possesses strengths from mobs such as taking their armor and using it for his own, or taking their strength and giving it to his party members, also would use up to 2 buffs (like guardian phase on riftstalker) these would modify him with things such as health/armor/dodge + parry/magic resistance etc...

    Cleric souls:

    Basically prays/focuses his mind to help his party with buffs and such things, the interesting part about this is that some of the buffs would be channeled to the party, these would be the most powerful buffs though.

    *can't think of anything else for clerics, sorry*

    Warrior souls:

    Battle medic:
    close combat healing warrior, not much else to it.

    *currently un-named support warrior*
    buffs the party, however there is a twist, if the tank starts falling behind or a party member pulls aggro, they can leap in with their shield to protect their health.

    that wrap things up in calling soul terms. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!

    a soul that doesn't take one of the 3 slots normally allowed by the soul-system, allow up to 21 points act much like the pvp souls do in that you can only use 1 lane, PvP souls would move to being one of these.

    Planar souls:
    Sub-souls that are based around the planes. lanes would be along the lines of:

    defence lane. offence lane.

    which would branch off to:

    block-centric lane. parry/dodge centric lane. single-target lane. AoE lane.

    Crafting souls: Note: i am well aware people have suggested this before

    these would boost stats on crafted materials when made, would be 3 sub-souls that are always active and don't need to be applied.

    for example an armorsmith would be able to spec into chain dps/healing or chain tanking or plate dps or plate tanking, this would increase the relevant stats on all armor made so long as it suits the spec (a chain tanking armorsmith would only get increased stats on chain armor.

    sub-souls and alternative advancement:

    i feel that because PvP souls would move into the category of sub-souls that ALL sub-souls would have a levelling system seperate to levelling 1-50. as such the following would be implemented:

    *insert-plane-here* plane experience. this would allow you to spec deeper into the planar sub-souls. would be acquired from doing plane quests (new dailies for each faction could implemented to help increase planar-experience) and from expert/raid rift dailies (depending on the plane).

    *insert crafting/gathering profession here* experience. would mostly be obtained from doing crafting/gathering dailies and the weekly crafting questyou would gain a slight amount of exp from crafting/gathering so long as your crafting/gathering things that are you preofessions current skill-stage/rank (master armorsmiths wouldn't gain any exp from crafting tin for example).

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    Quite alot of suggestions here, few already covered but nice work all in one place i guess.

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    Note: I couldn't think of a better name for what i want to describe. SO I MADE ONE UP! I also couldn't really come up with soul names, so the examples below are just the creature form you would use when you use the soul with -seer attached to the end.

    an Essenseer uses the essences of creature/animals, often taking the form of their favorite creature every Essenseer is wildly different, ranging from the un-conquerable Golemseers to the magic infused Nagaseers and everything inbetween.

    Essentially a shape-shifting calling the Essenseer can fill ranged DPS/Melee DPS/Tank and healing roles. an Essenseer can shift into the form of their choice (so long as the soul is in their currently selected role) whilst retaining the benefit's of their other forms. (for example i could use the souls of golemseer/seer and raptorseer whilst still looking like a golem and have buffs that do the equivalent of the forms of ).

    ALL non-tanking forms give a slight tanking bonus.

    magic forms:

    nagaseer: a DPS form, when the Essenseer uses 'Form: Naga' attack power is converted to spell power, physical crit is converted to spell crit, hit is converted to focus and energy regeneration is decreased by 2/3. increased resistance to air damage. talent for +spell crit % (in general).

    Faeseer: a healing form, when the Essenseer uses 'Form: Fae' attack power is converted to spell power, physical crit is converted to spell crit, hit is converted to focus and energy regeneration is decreased by 2/3. increase resistance to life damage, talented for increase in health.

    Impseer: another magic DPS, more AoE centric, deals fire damage, +fire resist.

    tank forms:

    golemseer: you turn into a golem (kinda like lesser golems near hammerknell), you get an armor increase and a buff for using 2-handed weapons. +some earth resistance.

    shadeseer: the form looks like those ghost looking black mobs in RD, you gain increased parry and dodge when using the buff + some death resistance.

    Deep-oneseer: magic resistance tanking soul. +water resistance. looks like a deep-one (though it could be a different water mob, deep one's were just what i thought of first).

    melee forms:

    satyrseer: 2 handed DPS form, gives life resist.

    cycloneseer: dual-wieding DPS form, grants are resist, form looks like cyclorax (or a chilling gale if you haven't done CC).

    bear in mind this just a rough outline of how i could see rift doing a shape shifting calling...

    i am well aware that the base idea has been suggested before, what I'm trying to do is breathe some form of shape into the thought, it's all well and good saying "i would love to see a shape shifting calling" but that's not giving TRION any idea of how you would do implement that into the game, this is me trying to give TRION a running start, in case they do think it's a good idea.
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    but also: yes, I'm aware that satyr's are a pet in the druid soul for clerics, it was just all i could think of...

    AND: i forgot to mention armor/weapon's (facepalm).


    since essenseer's are mostly using their creature forms they're armor doesn't look like most other callings, in actuality an essenseer's armor is mostly straps of runed-metal and when they stop using their creature form the runes create a cloth to cover the essenseer. most armor doesn't affect the look of creature forms however if you dye your armor the primary/secondary colour of your chest piece would.

    weapons: essentialy can use staffs, axe's, swords, dagger's and polearms (2h swords and axe's aswell). these only affect the look the some creatures (satyr/golem/naga).
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