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Thread: Rogues and Warriors need more protection from spells

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    Default Rogues and Warriors need more protection from spells

    Everyone gets protection from physical attacks.

    Warding potions only affect physical attacks.

    Shields block physical attacks and you can parry physical attacks.

    But there is no protection against spells.

    Either warding potions need to be expanded to cover spells ( the most logical fix) or a new Spell Resistance stat needs to be implemented and available at level 1.

    As it is right now, a Rogue or Warrior that is in combat and has DoTs on them can do nothing to fix the problem if the healing potions are on cool down.

    Casters have defenses against physical attacks, warriors and rogues need protection from spells.
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    totally agree with you =)

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    it would be nice, however the best protection from spells is killing the caster prior to them getting any off, works well for me :P

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    protection from spell?

    Mages have Cloth armor!!! meaning 5 or 6 physical hits from a champion warrior and they're dead. Most mages attacks require cast time ... Big Immobal Target that yell come and kill me.

    Rogues turns invisible and stun enemy then just smash away what little defense mages have.
    Warrior have the void knight soul ... Hello!!
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