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Thread: Monsters aggressiveness by levels in maps

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    Default Monsters aggressiveness by levels in maps

    I think that mobs should drop aggressiveness when we are higher level then they are, turn green if a difference of a few levels then turn grey when theres a big levels difference, makes no sense in my opinion that a low level mob attack a big level player, by logic they should fear anything that is higher level then they are the same way as a level 8 player will not attack a level 20 monster (call it smart AI if you want), usually in mmorpgs monsters drop aggressiveness.
    Example: Red 2-3 levels above player, yellow same level or 2-3 lvls under, green 3-5 lvls under, grey 10 lvls under, non attackable targets white (because they are yellow now).
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    they do now since 1.2, i used to get lvl 10 mobs aggroing on me at 50, now i only have to deal with lvl 35+

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    The dev's said that low level mobs would still aggro to stop the PVP's ganking newbies all the time without having to worry about mobs.

    On PVP servers it would suck if your hitting a L20 mob and your L19 and a L40 could just run past all the other L20 mobs and head for you and not get knocked off their horse, kill you then just walk off, ignoring all the mobs.

    At the moment, you get a chance, as they DO get knocked off their horse, and you can run like hell.

    If they DO change it, they will have to change it on the NON PVP servers only. But at the moment there is no code differences between the two servers types. So they would have to split the coding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natjur View Post
    At the moment, you get a chance, as they DO get knocked off their horse, and you can run like hell.
    That didn't make much sense tbh.
    For example try 'running like hell' when you are surrounded by 15-20 mobs stabbing and throwing things at you .

    Not sure about the other players, but I find exploring and questing non-entertaining due to this very reason. TOO MANY mobs.

    In such annoying open world conditions the LFD tool comes handy. But what for a minute - doesn't that kill the immersion, freedom, random PvP and whatever else makes MMO's exciting?

    It's one of those rare occasions where you can greatly improve a game by removing existing 'features'...

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