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Thread: Smart Idea For /Ignore

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    Default Smart Idea For /Ignore

    Since when someones decides to /ignore someone else, And it Concerns the 2 persons,

    It would be very simple: When you ignore someone , Send a notification to that person so he knows whats going on, That works both ways,

    And would be a great and easy thing to implement ^^

    Sincerely, The "Infamous" Exxy

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    Unnecessary. Maybe make it so that if you send a person a tell you are informed if they are ignoring you. Don't know if it works that way or not, but it's possible all the gold farmers could use this. Since report and ignore work together they would know to log off immediatly once someone reported them.

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    No thanks!
    As Reevin said, I'd rather not let the spammers know they've been reported so they will instantly swap to a new character and continue spamming.

    If you want to ignore someone just do it, there's no need to inform them "Hey, I'm ignoring you now." unless they try to whisper you.
    Sure you might have some obnoxious git who is getting on your nerves and you want to make sure they know that you no longer want to listen to them, however on the flip side you might be ignored by someone who has never spoken a word to you because you may have said something in chat. Wouldn't exactly be nice to see "RandomX now has you on ignore" and to not be able to find out why.

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