This game is struggling and Trion decision making is to blame. In an attempt to balance something that is un-balancable nerfs didn't just bring down dps numbers, it made the game boring and sterile. (What I mean by un-balancable is the relationship between fun creative PVE and fair risk/reward in PVP for all classes - two ideas that conflict) Here are a list of problems and easy fixes. You are so close to a good game, stop beating it into crap.

Rewards are not rewarding. Artifact rewards, LFD rewards, Event rewards, PVP rewards, Faction rewards, essence rewards: All of it is such an extreme grind and the end result is just bleh. Rewards require no skill, just grind.

LFD rewards/dungeons in general: YOU broke the game in 1.2 with the new griiiiiindfest reward system. If I hadn't gotten my t2 gear pre-1.2 I would have quit a month ago. Loot in dungeons = complete crap, disenchant fodder. Trinkets are dull and non-existant. Apart from weapons, no need to ever pick up anything in a dungeon that can't be gotten with plaques after years of farming the same simple boring instance.

Solution: Make loot in dungeons interesting and cut out the grind fest OR make the dungeons more difficult with a heavy plaque reward on completion. Right now its 2 x boring. Turn 1 boring into fun. God forbid you did both. PS: More difficult does not mean more HP, more difficult means I have to hit a key besides the rotation I can do while watching TV and texting on my phone at the same time. That also means you can't keep nerfing PVE when balancing PVP. What about giving a double plaque bonus for rapid assault? I mean whatever: anything besides what it is now. You'd be much better off breaking the game in the opposite direction: too many rewards. Right now Id rather be at work then playing this game because they feel the same during but atleast when work is done I get satisfaction and a paycheck. What I want in a game is something that is A. Fun, B. Something I look forward to, and C. something I enjoy. TRION's changes took A, B, and C. from the game. The dungeons WERE fun + difficult! I was able to get gear without a looking for dungeon tool - even when just spamming in channels for other players and not relying on the gamers who joined me on this server after years of playing other mmos together. Furthermore, if dungeons are a struggle the create relationships between players -unifaction through adversity see 9/11: builds culture on a server, keeps players online, the rewards WERE obtainable. Now it is garbage. The dungeons are called EXPERT yet I can heal them with ONE macro and 1 skill: and I'm a mage, a support healer, with 33 points out of 66 spent on dps. I don't even have to pay attention with the exception of a few gimmicky bosses. That is the opposite of expert. That is normal. You may as well call the two tiers of dungeons Boring (normal) and Bland (expert).

PVP rewards: No calculation of skill - any player can be t6, just requires unemployment. Many high ranking PVP toons are there because of loopholes in PVP rewards - AFK-ing and scripting. Seems to turn PVP into a cookie cutter FPS instead of a strategy requiring game. Dear Trion, stop trying to balance the entire game on PVP: Read the solution instead

Solution: *So obvious to me* Make the PVP roles (aka Archmage) so near OP that PVPer-s HAVE to select from one of the 4 trees on each one - so that the skills in them are not complete garbage less one or two. If I want to be a deep PVP player AND you created a PVP role, why is so much of that role complete garbage to the point that a true PVP-er will avoid the PVP role??? COMPLETE GARBAGE! Unusable. Garbage. FIX PVP SOULS (mage is only one im familiar with and apart from ONE skill way up the tree its complete crap. Then players can choose to PVP with OP pvp role, using 1 tree of the pvp soul (which has 4 trees aka variety) and one of the 7 other roles or PVE with a non-broken PVE roll that hasn't been beat to the dirt by PVP nerfs. Then Trion can stop letting PVE players feel useless after countless nerfs that are aimed at PVP imbalances. You can level to PVP rank 2 on one rainy Sunday - Yet for mages all the T2 pvp role skills are useless...just so useless. To consider taking that useless skill you would have to sacrifice some awesome skill in a pve tree. I would never invest in the PVP role when the reward I get from the non PVP role skill points is so much higher. This could make it so any joe schmoe SC can't just come spam Lightning Field and get the whole role nerfed to oblivion: If that player hadn't levelled up in the PVP ranks his LF wouldn't be effective against those who had, meaning PVP has balance and players are forced to do it more if they want to lead in dps/heals/killing blows. Instead now I can hit 50, wear whatever I want - blue gear np, find an advantageous position and lead in dps with a role I spend 60 seconds building because of one PVE skill. Instead you just remove the PVE skill - FU.

Force players into tough decisions about talent builds instead of forcing all of us into the same 5 cookie cutter ones and then you do not have to break PVE stormcaller to fix some whining PVP-er who will just type into chat "I'm @#$@#$=ing your mother right now" when I kill their underskilled self. (PVP channel worse than Xbox Live sometimes. You do not find this in fun games.)

Wait, let me interject right here: You said this game was about the class system. Google image any Rift advertisment, you'll find the words "Revolutionary Class System" on any ad. This class system is so amazingly empty (for mages) that its shocking. I may as well log on and get a pop up box that says, "Want to spam this macro and heal people or hit these keys and shock them - because those are the two pve options apart from the schmuck that has to archon in raid. With 8 roles there should be more than 2 choices. Seriously: it is maddening how much potential has been tossed away. (Show me a necro, warlock, dominator, pyro in a raid and I'll show you somebody who needs to be replaced.)

1 of 8 souls = useless (Dominator) in PVE and PVP.

Necro beyond 16 points = useless in PVP and PVE (when compared to other roles + pets in raid = wtf since they're AI is garbage)

No reason to go up to 51 points in any role for either PVP or PVE besides Archon which is just 1 person out of 20 and that is a boring lame job like the guy at work who has to enter all the customer information onto the shipping receipts for 8 hours a day. (cept pyro, the only pvp role after next patch, which will just piss off everyone including mages). Pyro 51 useless PVE.

Planar Rewards: How many raid rifts did I have to close, 1 per day, to get 1 essence? YOU DO REALIZE THAT HALF OF MY SERVER QUIT ALREADY BECAUSE THIS GAME IS EMPTY RIGHT - yet now I have to raid daily? How am I going to A. Cut so much out of RL that I raid EVERY day for a month to get 1 Essence and B. Find the people (9-14 required) when you are driving them away?!

Solution: Stop with the impulse to make every reward a quantity grind. Find some creative dude somewhere in your office and ask him, How can we challenge people to complete some planar objective without just making them do something 100 times in a row, once per day? How about a massive quest where raid rifts play some role: and the end result is a plaque that can turn into an essence - the awesome skill boosting ones from the fat dude in the planar room? Maybe it takes a week to accomplish with some highly motivated people: Reward them - oh...a lot of them quit already. I dunno what it could be exactly but in 15 seconds ill give you my idea:

A Prismatic Raid Rift close quest where theres a loot item from the final chest that only 1 person gets - combine the 6 items (1 per type of raid rift aka air, death, fire, etc.) or whatever into the turn-in. Hardcores can farm, Medium cores can still do it np, and best of all, you dont have to get on 1 day a week for a month to do it. Make the items role specific and not BOP - breath some life back into the AH and let us spend platinum on things besides ... well actually I don't have anything to spend money on - 5th soul, full bank, multiple mounts, over 120 artifacts, 5 max tradeskills.... <----give out a cool title, some perk, whatever. Like how hard was it to come up with that? I've been thinking about it for less than 5 minutes...and to me it sounds 500% more fun than close this random 1 raid rift today, do it again the next 35 days in a row and maybe you can afford one out of six essences which has an ability that was obviously neutered so it wouldn't break pvp.

Reward systems where I have to log one once per day for eternity make me not even do them ever. If it takes 30 days of repetition to earn something I wont start: just too much investment. I get bored thinking about the routine: I have a job - THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN / A GAME. I just dont care about he reward anymore (not like it was really super good anyway)

Also, if there is a plaque reward for LFD tool for dungeons WHY isn't there a sourcestone reward for using LFD to complete rifts? (PS!!!! NOBODY USES LFD FOR RIFTS!) Like how on earth did nobody bring this up when you were making LFD and put the raid tab on the window? Is it really that hard to come up with stuff like this? If you put a treasure box in Meridian that lets players look inside but they always find nothing they will click on the box for a few days then never click again.

Random gripe: If you unlock Whitefall through level up and PVP solely in it to level 50 you will STILL not have the faction with Storm Guard to buy uninspiring level 45 PVP gear when you've hit level 50. Cool.

After 1.3 I'm probably done. I'm going to check out Dominator - if it is still useless in both PVP and PVE (as in not creative, IMMUNE IMMUNE IMMUNE = game over. Dont really care if anybody flames or gives pity or really anything at all - I don't know any of you, don't care what your personal reply is (What you have to say about me as a person or what you think about me after reading this post) - just want to get my piece out in the open - maybe it will help. If you agree with above make noise - maybe things will improve. If you dislike my ideas but have your own post those too - I am comfortable with being the guy who had a bad idea - make my idea better! Lets fix this game because it has the potential.

I'll monitor future patches - if they make the game fun again I'll return - so will my closely knit guild. Its just so sad to see game management destory an awesome game with so much potential - It feels like each major change is out of laziness or a very vocal minority, and in culmination it turned this game into the opposite of fun - made it 100% sterile and bland. As if un-skilled PVPers are being catered to so hard that Trion will sacrifice the rest of the player base to take their money. Trion, MMOs have been out for 20 years and many players in your subscription farm have been playing them for over a decade. We dont want an FPS, we want a creative game that requires strategy and skill. I have a PS3 and COD is on my desk: there is a reason I'm on this forum and not in their BG.

DAOC was in the same position this game is in - playerbase quitting rapidly, bad decisions were made to balance game, etc. Then Mythic did what they said they would do (RvR to them is what the role system is to Rift) and they mastered RvR - DAOC, EQ, WoW - the trifecta of epic MMOs. Rift has the choice to follow that path, but instead they are grinding the class system into the dirt - making it less interesting than any other modern MMOs class sytem. Trion - put your eggs into the class system's basket: You have an AWESOME foundation - stop running scared from it. This terrible decision making is just proving that my investment in them will not be returned in the future. I just wish it were fixed thats all.

Trion, listen to your playerbase (That doesn't mean only this post). Obviously you have nobody on staff playing the mage role because I'm not sure if I'd consider playing for a paycheck at this point - it just isnt fun yo. We're the people that fill the AH and respond to /1 LF crafter, and fill the 20th spot in the raid, 5th spot in the LFD tool - and we (speaking for me and 7 close friends, not YOU reading this) are leaving. Fix the game and we'll happily return.