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Thread: [For Devs] Suggestion List

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    Lightbulb [For Devs] Suggestion List

    In no particular order:

    1. Allow the Auction House to filter by "usable" ie if an artifact has an available set, or if a piece of gear meets the required level/class.

    1b. Added feature for "affordable" which will filter items by buyout price or bid price if no buyout is given based on the current amount of Silver (converted) a player has.

    2. Enable health bars visible for "all mobs in a given range", optional or not.

    2b. Add a cast bar to the floating health bars. Enable options of what to show on floating bars (energy, finisher pts, cast) except health, assuming the player enables the floating bars at all.

    3. Balance class roles (ie Warrior's duel wield versus 2h trees) to offer more options in end game damage equality and playstyle choice. Cookie cutter builds should not be the only spec a person can be to participate in endgame content.

    4. Add a macro API tutorial/guide either in game or on the main website.

    5. Add an ingame raid/group calendar.

    5b (optional because I have no idea how hard to program my suggestion is). Add a DKP feature to guilds under the following guidelines:
    -Boss kill = +X DKP (set by guild leader)
    -First Time kill = +X DKP (set by guild leader, requires at least 5 people in raid to receive achievement related directly to boss kill)
    -Attendance = +X DKP (set by leader, checkable by / function only useable by those of the appropriate rank privileges)
    -Nonattendance = -X DKP (set by leader, checkable by same /function which checks current group and cross-references people who signed up on guild calendar.

    May allow guilds to set DKP usage based on item slot/type or use a uniform system built directly into the game. DKP spent should be distributed evenly (rounded down) between the guild members in attendance (must be online and eligible for loot) that did not receive the item in question.

    6. Enable macros to be able to show items at well as spells with the #show function.

    6b. Enable 1 "if" statement per macro, not exceeding 100 characters in length . (ie. /script if player"playername" finisher points = 3 then cast finisher"finishername" end )

    6c. Cause "in" statements to only take affect if the macro has not been pressed for a set duration. (ie 0.2 seconds -- those with complaints to this I understand but why you should ever need an "in" statement to apply in less than 0.3 seconds I shall never know, in which case with this change you would only need to change your number to 0.1)

    7. Add expensive item or ascended power (ie 30-60k planarite, or 100+ plat) to track artifacts.
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    1) Agree, this would be very useful. Its such a pain to filter through the AH item by item for collections to see which you have / need.

    1b-2-2b) Meh.

    3) Yes. Definitely. Making each soul viable and unique in its own way would be awesome.

    4) Agree.

    5) Agree (along with a bunch of other guild functionality stuff they need to add)

    5b-5-6-6b-6c) Meh.

    7) Yes. Agree.
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    8. Add the option to display Reputation (Notoriety) or Prestige instead of an experience bar at level 50.

    8b. Add option to disable bar when everything else is maxed out.

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