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Thread: Idea to convert various planar dusts from Tier to Tier

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    Question Idea to convert various planar dusts from Tier to Tier

    As you are probably aware, one of the issues that crafters and crafted items have in general is the cost of the eternal planar dusts on the auction house (or another way to put this is the supply vs the demand of the T5 dusts).

    Currently the market on my shard (Cruicia) is flooded with T1 to T4 planar dust, but the cost of eternal planar dust has been going up about 1pp a week over the past few weeks. They are now around 5pp a pop. Many T5 craftables require 3 to 6 eternal planar dusts to craft.

    how about a system implemented where you can convert 5 of a lower level Tier planar dust to a higher level?

    Combine 5 T1 etheral planar dust = 1 T2 shifting planar dust
    Combine 5 T2 shifting planar dust = 1 T3 enduring planar dust
    Combine 5 T3 enduring planar dust = 1 T4 endless planar dust
    Combine 5 T4 endless planar dust = 1 T5 eternal planar dust

    is similar to the system for runecrafting materials, and you do not have to change the drop rate of any of the existing dusts.

    Elronde on Crucia.
    Anhsor on Crucia.

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    I thought of a similar idea, but include the new crystals that you get from salvaging essences (that are used for the augments)


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    sounds good to me. i got a lot of low level planar dust wasting away in my bank.

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    Good idea. So much useless low level dust.

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    Thing that annoys me about the T5 crafting is that the requirements dont reflect the actual item you are crafting. for a perfect example.

    Black Dye.... 2 Eternal Planar Dusts a potion... really? so to get my 3 man guild's mains kitted out with black as primary colour is 36 Eternal Planar Dusts.. To get the black dye recipe I had to make a votive which already cost 6 eternal planar dusts, which enabled me to get a plaque and then buy the dye...

    For me personally though i find the quantity excessive to the point of being silly.

    Not asking for the requirements to be lowered across the board, as that would flood the market with items that do actually make a difference, but please please for the love of telera make dyes come in stacks of 2 or three like every other potion an apothecary can make.

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    I like the idea but just wondering if it is not better to upgrade them using planarite. in your proposal you will always end up with uselus odds.

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