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Thread: Can we please get a bulk upload/pricing feature to put items on the AH?

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    Default Can we please get a bulk upload/pricing feature to put items on the AH?

    Putting things up for sale on the AH is VERY TEDIOUS

    Can you please give us a bulk upload and pricing feature?

    Something where I can set my starting bid prices to be a percentage of what it would sell to the vendor for, and the buyout price to be a (larger) percentage also?

    I could just drag and drop items into the AH and it would price them for me. I don't need to sit there manually typing everything out.

    Some things are just too small to bother pricing and putting on AH, the money you get isn't worth the time you spend. So this would let those of us with less valuable (to a 50) things to sell, place them on the AH for newbies and low level characters.

    So for example if I set my startbid price to 150%, and my buyout to 200% - settings which are sticky til I change them. And then I put an item worth 10 gold to a vendor on the AH, it will make the start bid price 15 gold, and the buyout price 20 gold. Just drag your item to AH and be done with it.

    Make life EASIER not harder! Thanks..........
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    The auction house system could use a whole lot of changes. It's very cumbersome the way it is now. The above suggestion would be a great start!

    On the most basic level I wish it was based on the eq2 broker system than the auction house model.


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