after extensive play in the beta. a month or two waited for the game and its economy to stabalize and normalize, i finally bought it and am playing religiously . And i have my first list of Suggested changes to implement to the UI to optimize the playing experience and usability.

1: bag space. Having a different window for each individual bag that (as far as i can figure out) are unscalable Is rather annoying. especially when you get 16+ slot bags in all your slots, opening all your bags and boom 1/3 of your screen is filled. add that with your bank full of bags and boom, the inventory covers the ENTIRE screen. So i have come up with one of a few suggestions to make the inventory system a bit less intense, and would just generally help organization and simplicity

A)Turn the bank and character inventorys into a single large window, instead of a window for each bag. so if you have 4 10 slot bags and your 20 slot character bag. instead of 1 20 slot window, and 4 10 slot windows, youd have one large 60 slot window. the same should be done for the bank, instead of making it open new windows for the extra bank bags, just make the bags increase the size of the bank window. Obviously it would be ideal to make this an OPTIONAL setting, so people that prefer the old system can keep that, while people like me, can turn it on and save some screen space

B) Make it possible to scale the bag windows, and the bank windows. far more simplistic, but i prefer Idea A, but would accept B if A is too difficult to impliment quickly.

2. Second suggestion is somewhat similar to the first, in that its about windows sucking up viewing space. I understand they arent supposed to be always open, but the biggest one im talking about is (N) the talent window. During the beta it was originally something that was fullscreen, and that was changed to make it into a window because A it took a tad longer than a normal window to open, and it was just too encombering for a window to cover the entire screen. But even with it as a window now, it seems to lag in opening, unlike every other window such as guild or achievement windows. And its still incredibly overbearing, and with how much space it takes it up it might as WELL be full screen

A)Make the Talent window (And others if it could be simply implemented) re sizable like other aspects of the UI. its really great to have an easy tool to move stuff like character portraits and action bars around so easily, but it could be made so much better if more things such as UI windows could be changed and modified as well

3.Health and mana Numbers. This ones really simple, and is only a thing of convenience, and thus is of a low priority, but would be nice. make it so that you can set it where you can actually see the NUMBER of how much health and mana that you have all the time, instead of only when you mouse over a health bar. On that note, in the raid frames, maybe for characters with mana, maybe add a tiny blue bar at the bottom of the large green box that is their Raid frame, to show how much mana they have left, that way its easier to keep track of stuff like healer mana during raids.

Thats it for now. more to come. Feel free to comment, or add suggestions to my suggestions