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Thread: Grouping while in LFD

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    Default Grouping while in LFD

    At present - I don't think I can join a LFD while in a group - unless the other people are LFD as well with me.

    This means that I can't group with others and collect mats, or do rifts with public groups while waiting.

    I do believe this does not apply to people doing warfronts.

    I would like to see it possible to be in a group while in LFD.

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    agree. Public Group should count as a different type of group that allows players to join and still be in queue. The game is becoming a lobby based game and I think that might help.

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    I agree. I just finished responding to a thread where this is a problem in zones where high level players are clearing rifts. They won't party up and share since they are already partied.

    Make it so that when you join a party you have the option of passing control of your LFD to the party leader. You won't leave the que but if you don't accept then when a dungeon does come up, you automatically disband that party and join the other.

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