With the way things are atm, Everyone would like to see more world pvp and warfronts are coming down to who have the most clerics, So why not make something like a new island or perhaps another piece of land that once you step on it your flagged, Now sure on pvp servers that happens all the time anyways if your running around with your /pvp on but- This area would be more populated. Not because its new but because if one faction owns it they gain something- Wither its mounts, guild buffs, a dungeon w/e having some kind of reward for doing pvp outside of wfs would be great.

For example- In the zone there could towns X, Y, and Z. In these towns you would require a raid or something of the sort lets say a large group to take down the bosses in each town and beat them into submission. Once this is done you have to capture the town and bingo- You're faction now owns it, however you have to defend it from the opposing faction- Because lets be honest who dosn't like braggin rights/stuff.

Even if one faction is better than the other on whatever server there would be more world pvp. Further more before each town etc, would only be able to be held for X amount of hours, and could not be taken again within X amount of minutes or hours-While this happening however npcs will be attacking which since we all know trion loves pve we could toss in some rep quests for each town that effect the whole zone that also could provide you with the option to get gear once you've got X amount of rep.
You could also get rep from killing the opposing side... Hell you could even set it up so that one week defiant own it and the other guardians and each side during that week will have to defend/attack to gain rep, get quests done etc... Quests could be like kill X amount of the following classes level X and above.. so all levels could take part.