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    I wanted to post an idea based on Morbius' thread about the trinity system. I agree that que times can be long (especially at night at around 1am). I think the healer/tank/ dps thing is over played. Perhaps it can be acheived by allowing people to have multiple callings. Now I know someone is going to say that it should be earned and I disagree to an extent. I do not think this is something you should have to ding 50 or even 20 to get. Level 15 is when you can que for dungeons and would be a perfect time to offer players the choice of adding another calling. I for one would love to see a Reaver paired with a Cabalist or a Pyromancer paired with a Warden. I love the fact that I can design my own class how it is already, combining callings would add even more diversity and promote individuality. It's not about watching health bars and pushing buttons, it's about being able to react to situations, being there for your friends and playing dynamically.

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    I have to agree. Being a Warrior/Cleric or a Mage/Rogue would be pretty cool.

    The only problem would be in balance I think. It would probably be better just to expand the callings a bit. Adding souls that are mechanically similar to souls in other callings, thus allowing more customization. I'm still kinda expecting a Barbarian soul or a Warrior or Rogue soul that uses Water(ice) and Air attacks.

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