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Thread: Pass-through immunity

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    Default Pass-through immunity

    Here is a simple suggestion to stop people from running through other people...

    If a player runs through another player then the player that was ran through is immune to any damage for 3 seconds from the player running through.

    Like this:

    Player A runs through player B.
    Player B is immune to all damage from Player A for 3 seconds.
    If Player B moves through Player A then Player A is immune to Player B for 3 seconds.
    If Player A and B move through each other then neither are affected.

    The key word is move, a player has to be stopped and the other player moving to be so affected.

    This would help with people who like to do figure 8's through people or jump through people using a bug in the game that makes it harder to hit.

    It would also be nice to have a check box that prevents you from running through a different player as well.
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