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Thread: Suggestion: Changes to the UI (applies mostly to Healers).

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    Default Suggestion: Changes to the UI (applies mostly to Healers).

    Suggestion: Changes to Healer UI.

    Although I am personally a firm believer in addons, I can understand Trions position behind not having them in the game at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean that everything in the game is perfect. Many healers I know (including myself) have rapidly become frustrated with the current setup of the healing UI and I would like to suggest a couple changes that could potentially make healing much, much easier. The UI as it is now is very frustrating to work with, The debuffs take up a lot of the valuable screen space, and the current raid frames feel as ancient as my old EQ days (no offense meant, heh.)

    Before I get flamed to death, I would like to mention an addon from WoW, called Grid. Basically, grid took your entire raid group, put it in a single ‘grid’ and allowed you to customize many of the options, for example, whether you wanted the healthbars to empty or fill, allowed you to customize where certain buffs/debuffs were located on each mini portrait, and finally, had a simple range indicator built into the grid itself.

    I would also like to address the point of ‘addons like these play the game for you’. This is incorrect. The current UI is extremely frustrating to work with. You are almost forced to convert to a raid group in dungeons. I am perfectly okay with things like the range indicator not being implemented. As a healer though, it is important to deliver heals to your tank and your raid, sometimes at very difficult and clutch moments. With the current UI, this is much more difficult than it needs to, or should be. I don’t want to be fighting with my UI while I’m trying to heal. It’s frustrating and adds an unnecessary difficulty to a healer.

    So, what would I propose be changed about the current UI?

    1.) Allow us to combine the raid frames together into a single entity. While I realize we can place them side by side, I would like to be able to adjust all of my frame at the same time without individually having to do that. Aditionally, I would like to ask (if at all possible) for some of the valuable space in the frames to be cut down. I (along with most other healers) want my raid healing frames to be lightweight, and deliver information quickly and accurately while taking up as little screen space as possible. There are certain aspects of the current raid framed that could easily be eliminated to give us more space to work with.

    2.) Let people choose if they want the bars to ‘fill up’ or be ‘knocked down’. Currently, as it stands, in almost any MMO, it is much more annoying and difficult to estimate how much it would take to top off someone when the bar does not ‘fill up’ to death. I personally prefer it that way, but realize that others prefer it the way Rift does it now. Therefore, I would like an option to switch between the two, as it makes mana management that much less annoying and allows you to potentially waste less valuable time casting.

    3.) Allow us to move different debuffs and buffs to different parts of the actual frame and allow us to customize how they appear. I’m going to be quite frank here. I could honestly care less about the name or look of generic magic debuff # 2356 or generic poison debuff #52. The actual look of the spell is not needed, rather, a simple square or dot in a corner of the frame would suffice over the player where the debuff is represented. This is for the sake of simplicity and minimalism (and I guess as some are going to point out ‘elitism’) but it makes debuffs much more compact and easier to see as opposed to taking up half of the current raid frame, blocking the players health and generally being about 5 times as annoying as it should be. This would also allow players to track where HoT’s or debuffs from the Cleric shield are, and allow people to more accurately judge when they need to be reapplied.

    As it stands right now, healing with the current user interface is not impossible, but it is unnecessarily annoying and difficult. Again, while I feel like this could be solved with addons, I feel like these three changes would make healing less of a chore and much more lightweight, minimal, and simple.

    This is an old picture of my setup of Grid. I think that it gives an accurate idea of what I’m asking for in terms of changes. It gives clear, accurate information and allows the healer to to use valuable screen space on other things.

    Thank you for reading, and I am always open to other suggestions and changes.

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