Title say it all.
i am leveling a rogue atm, in the start of 40's.
i am stuck doing half grey/green dungeons if i ever find any.
kings breach
bracket 33-42
at lvl 41-42 you earn less than 1 bar of xp from 1 run, the loot is crappier than the green quest rewards you have on. only remotely reason you have to waste time inthere for is rep.
most people at 40+ leave the group when they enter, because they simply don't want to waste time with it. this is especially hard on rest of party if its one of the key members (healer or tank). most dps spend in average 3-6 hours in lfg-tool on my shard Refuge-EU.
I say lower max level by 2 and you get paired with people that actually want to and have a reason to do the dungeon.
Feel free to comment on this.