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Thread: How about a PvP offensive stat?

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    Default How about a PvP offensive stat?

    Hello, I posted this in the PvP section already at first not knowing that there was a suggestion section, but I will post here as well.

    Dear Trion PvP Team,

    I know that balance is a process and everything can't be done to please everyone in a short period of time, but hear me out.

    I believe one of the main reason currently is due to Valor, being that it is only defensive, so that will help a lot for players that need defense, ie healers, tanks, mages? etc, so that scales very well for them. Now I am not saying that valor needs to be removed, but it is one sided and unbalanced this way. Due to the fact that it scales so well for said classes, a good Cleric that is fully pvp geared cannot be rid of at all by 1 player, but it takes a couple, if not a group, of players to beat on it for quite some time to take the said Cleric down (i'm not exaggerating, please go live monitor the warfronts yourselves if you do not believe me).

    I think that in order to balance pvp a little better. Before balancing classes, maybe you could balance the pvp gear. You can have two stats, one for defense, aka valor which is already in the game, and the second one whatever its called, being the offensive stat. That way, players can choose to be either defensive or offensive, and this would scale better for all players in general. Not only that, but this simple fix would even further expand PvP gameplay since players will possibly have an incentive to even get both defensive and offensive sets to mix and match with their souls. But really now, what matters to me, and to most, if not all, of the pvp player community, and possibly even the pve community that could be interested in pvp from time to time, is good fairness and balance, which is really whats needed right now for PvP.

    Please consider this idea, and I hope that you will continue to further balance pvp as soon as you can.

    Well thank you again for your time for reading.


    If you do decide to incorporate this idea in any way shape or form, you should look into allowing current valor geared pvp players an opportunity to switch their existing valor gears to the newly offensive pvp stat gears (only for the currently owned gears of course, as any other new gears still must be worked for and bought with favor).

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    sounds like a interesting perspective. Would help the blancing issue, would be difficult to implement tho, also would make people who want to pvp in pve gear, which are those people that mainly get complained about. Myself i love being able to pvp in pve gear and see those huge numbers, but yes, i do know the need for balance and this would be one way of approaching it.

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    I think a good idea would be a stat that directly opposes Valor, but does not offer any other advantages; basically what it would do is equalize the playing field at higher levels since valor protects this new stat would be subtracted from valor but never go below zero.

    Also if your opponent has no valor it has no effect.

    This stat will not be a "super stat" just a equalizing stat so DPS can damage those people with Valor.

    We don't need PVP stats, what we do need is to make our skills, stats and abilities more viable for PVP.
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    Awesome idea. We totally need more damage right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aux View Post
    Awesome idea. We totally need more damage right now.
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