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Thread: Who's Who?

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    I mentioned this in the Beta and finding many thinking this as well. Who the heck is "WHO". All these toons look so very much alike. I went into my first battle and I was 100% lost in a crowd of look alikes. I mean all one side looks a like, and then the "other side" looks like us and then all teh mobs "look like us". The game is great but the toons really need to be different in the races.

    Also no one is doing RIFTS! LOL!!! I played for 3 days and barely had 2-3 folks show for the rifts I wanted to play. So few are doing them I have "HAD" to not do them. Plus to find a group for a dungeon,.., well let's say I'm a 28 warrior and have yet to do one-no one will group.

    That's my take on it. I do enjoy the game but having played enough now, it's not a really great game for solo players in that the way the population has shifted in it's own priorities of play, solos get left to be "VERY SOLO".

    Be good all.
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