Everyone loves duels. How else are are you supposed to battle your friends? Your enemies? How are you supposed to be on even ground? Have you ever nearly got a kill on that super geared buy by outskilling him, just to have his allies heal him and finish you off when you were having a completely private pwnage session? Of course that's happened, if you've ever PvPed. Everyone loves duels.

Here's an Arena suggestion:


Each player starts on the green cylinders. The Greyish-Teal Circles at the top of both ramps and the center of the bridge are sporadic fire cores. They will sometimes spout fire if a player is on them, dealing a percentage of their health. These are placed at important control points. During small scale battles, most often being able to out strategize an opponent is one task in itself. Cast to counter cast can almost be routine reactions. Being able to also juggle knowing when to run and when to kite opponents to make them choose to chase and take the firey consequences or to make them back off themselves.

The map is mirrored from one side to the other. The map is small enough that mounts should be enabled, but are never necessary. It should only take approximately 20 seconds to run (Unmounted) from one side to the other, including across the bridge, maximum. In order to add atmospheric effect, two fire cores can be active at once - One being the closest to the raw position (Player A X - Player B X, Player A Y - Player B Y, Player A Z - Player B Z), switching on and off at timed intervals, and the farthest one from the raw position, switching on and off when the closest one does. The middle one, that is not the closest or the farthest, may be used by an escaping individual, and should be a mentally highlighted path. Unfortunately, without proper timing, it will become the closest core as they approach it, and it could turn on, leaving an undesired result.