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Thread: Integrated Soul Tree Calculator

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    Default Integrated Soul Tree Calculator

    I would really like a section to the official website that is a soul tree calculator. This official calling/soul calculator would integrate with the game and could be posted to social networking.

    The calculator would have the following properties:
    • Complete calling/soul calculator connected with the website and account
    • Player can save their soul tree builds
    • Players can share their builds via link to the forums
      • It would be very cool to have clever presentation via bbs tags.
    • Players can publish their builds via social networking.
    • The builds can be loaded or saved in game. So a player could create a build on the website and load it to a character. The build can also be saved to the website or published directly to social networking.
    • The web-based portion of the calculator will have rows of slots to hold skills. The skills would show updated times, cooldowns, and bonus effects based on the build.

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    While that does sound like a cool feature it's main usefulness would be for bragging. Not high on my list of priorities.

    It might also encourage account hacking. There are enough people out there getting their accounts hacked. Don't give the hackers another way in.
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