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Thread: Pick any races animations.

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    Default Pick any races animations.

    I'm a HUGE fan of the fact that the animations (casting, attack, etc) for each race are so different. And most of them are really cool. But I'd love to be able to pick which race/gender animation I use for my character.

    I'd love my Eth rogue to be able to hold his off-hand weapon underhand, like the female Eth.

    I'd love my Kalari Mage to use the awesome male Bahmi casting animations.

    There are some great ideas for barber shops in this forum, a way to customize/select animations would be awesome too.

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    Not really. The animations are part of what makes each race unique.
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    This would not be possible. The only race animations that might cross over from skeleton to another would be the Kalari and Elf or the Mith and Eth. No other combination would be comparable. The animations are specific to each skeletal structure.
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