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Thread: 64-Bit Client please and Hi-res Pack? (suggestion) *Vet Member*

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    Default 64-Bit Client please and Hi-res Pack? (suggestion) *Vet Member*

    I've been following Rift since april 27th when the site went up and participated in all the beta's etc etc I say this to give myself some credit to what I say rather than people assuming I'm just a freetrial person.

    Anyway moving on,


    -64-bit Client!
    - We've been asking for this since early beta. RIFT does not utilize our 64 bit OS or our iX processors very well. I am referring to when the graphics are maxed. Our machines can easily handle Rift max since the graphics are .. um.. not as high as I personally feel they should be for a 2011 MMO release. yet I struggle with a 30 FPS that fluxuates around quite heavily in either direction leaving less than smooth gameplay.

    I think a good portion of the community of gamer's have 64-bit OS's with the new windows 7 and usually more than 4 gigs of ram. So we'd like to utilize that with a 64 bit client. I feel that from what I've seen TRION has a great size Dev team and resources so I'd like to suggest that a 64 bit client be put on the thinking table and see if a section of the team can start to bring this idea to life. It'll definitely make a lot of subscribers happy. As gamer's who upgrade our equipment we'd like to have it fully utilize is all

    Second Suggestion:
    - Hi-rez Pack!
    - I personally feel that Rift's graphics are .. alright when FULLY maxed AA and everything. However like I said previously, for a MMO released in 2011 I feel it's a bit outdated graphic wise.

    Now let me clarify. Yes I know Graphics aren't everything but again the gamer community from my perspective is expecting Next-gen graphics from a self-labeled next-gen game. I know they meant next-gen as in tons of polished content but gamer's don't care they hear Next-gen they expect next-gen. I also know they created Rift to work on computer's as old as 2002 for maximum player base. That's GREAT! And it's also why we have the lose res option for older computers.

    What we need is a Hi-res or Higher quality option for those whose PC's can handle it.

    I've personally heard from quite a few of my gamer friends that tried and left Rift and despite whatever nit-picking they had there was one common thing. "Graphics just look.. so outdated, I expected more and character creation was not that great compared to most new games either."

    Most things they complain about I can argue "like well your build prolly sucked" or "you need to do more than just one warfront.." however I could not argue on graphics. I'm a huge fanboy of RIFT and have been for over a year, however I also expected better graphics. Game's just look amazing these days even Free2play ones. Yet Rift does not graphically look appealing and amazing to many gamers.

    Yes it's content rich and arguably the best bang for your buck MMO out there and will be successful, however I think that adding stronger better lighting and graphic quality would go along way for those who loyally play the game and those who are thinking about it.

    I know TRION has a talented Dev and art team we're just asking for more is all.

    Character creation I don't care as much about mainly cause most wear armor that mostly covers you head to toe by end game if you wear the helmet which I see most usually do.

    However more options to the body would be nice. I think the MMO AION made a good move recently that I feel Rift would be wise to at least consider. They released a graphic update, new emotes for idle, running, jumping etc. and new UI.

    These all made AION *cough* at least a bit more bareable.

    However I think these are all things any MMO could work on including RIFT. I feel the UI even though completely customizable is a little frustrating and non-user friendly though I know TRION has made steps towards fixing that.

    I also think New emotes would be good. I really don't like the way my Eth Rogue runs, I just feel we should feel more Rogue/ninja/stealthish. and honestly wish I could make my character taller and skinnier.

    I'm sure people would like to make their character's smaller or heavier or show the face off with neat hair that was unique!

    Anyway ending notes:

    - I think RIFT is a great high-quality MMO and TRION has done an exceptional job (little worried about Server transfers being free as that royally ****ed AION to this day they still can't balance the servers!) however I trust TRION is making the right move. I feel RIFT is already an awesome MMO and will be an EPIC MMO 3-4 months from now. However I think with some of the suggestions on these forums from others as well as my own, I feel we can make RIFT the Behemoth God we all know it can be.

    Best Regards,

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    I couldn't agree with you more! I'd also like to add DX11 support to the list. If they are going to be adding more eye candy they may as well have it be as efficient as possible and running a 64bit client using DX11 is the way to do that.

    As much as I love Rift if Guild Wars 2 looks as good on release as it does in the videos we have seen it's going to be hard coming back to Rift after playing GW2. Trion is really going to have to step up their game in the graphics department.
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    /signed, but I'd say this should have pretty low priority. Gameplay >>>>>> graphics.

    I know nothing about development, so I can't say whether this would be an easy change or not; but if it's something that's going to use a lot of Trion's time and resources, I say screw it.
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    I definitely agree with what you're saying. When I first played the game, I maxed everything, and then the very first thing I noticed was: "Wow...these graphics just are not up to par" Hell, the game I was playing before this is a free to play game, and it has substantially better graphics. It's not a huge deal to me, but when I look at it I'm just not impressed. At all.

    The gameplay, however, I do like, it's great. It has some flaws, of course, but so do all games. Like the above poster said, I would definitely like to see gameplay updates take priority over this...but a 64 bit client and upgraded graphics that actually use more than 10% of my processing power would be nice.

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    While playing earlier I was taking a closer look than I normally do at everything and I have to say I am honestly OK with 98% of the textures I see. I think what would really help this game is more atmospheric detail and effects starting with better, fuller sky maps and 3D clouds that effect the global lighting. More trees and other landscape based items with proper animations, full rich grass that blows in the wind, leaves and dust blowing across the ground and better post processing effects all around but specifically for rain and snow. The addition of Ambient Occlusion helped quite a bit and looks really good, especially with armor and the like.

    One of the biggest problems with MMO's in general is word detail and immersion based effects and Rift is no different. I want the worlds I explore to feel alive even if I happen to be the only one in them at the time. I know the above additions are pretty damn unlikely but a man can dream.
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