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Thread: movement and combat animations

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    Default movement and combat animations

    I dont know about other races, but Mathosian males running animations arent that of an athletic type, and theyre annoying.

    the wobble of the shoulders..from the back.. as they run needs to be removed. its aggravating to look at, and yes it matters to me.

    cosmetic features in mmos matter to me as much as everything else.

    same as gear not looking good, or weapons not glowing, or colors being dull, or combat animations being a snore-fest.

    combat animations need a serious update as well. i think the combat animations in this game are the worst ive seen recently except in wow..the human male 2-h/staff/polearm animations were horrible.

    we need more martial arts ...jumping...spinning...kicks...etc...

    like for a mage..instead of just the same old shooting fire out the hands routine. how about we throw a fireball up in the air and do a 360 spinning backflip and kick it at an opponent... wouldnt that be a whole lot better?

    example of more exciting combat animations from DCUO (turn your volume down a bit..some might not like the music.)

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    While I don't know about the whole "wizard back flip" thing I do agree with the need for more/better animations across the board. The problem (I believe) in implementing more complex animations to combat would be a timing one. All animations need to be able to fit in the cool down time frame of the ability being used in order to keep combat balanced. Adding more complex animations to attacks will either get you killed quicker because you can't implement your next attack quick enough or animations will have to force stop when the next ability is used making them pointless. If Trion can implement a better variety of animations or more complex animations to lots of abilities without messing the combat timing already established I say "please do!", a little extra spark in the combat can go a long way in keeping things fresh for players.
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