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Thread: @trion - i have hostages

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    Default @trion - i have hostages

    Dear Trion,

    I have several hostages. Two elves, one human and four dwarves to be exact. One of the elves claim to be the cousin of a developer. Her name is CutiePI.

    If all of my demands are not met by the end of the day, I will start deleting their gear and banks until they are completely naked. If by the time all of their items are gone and my demands are still not met, I will delete their characters.

    My list of demands are as follows:

    - Paid race changes need to go into the game. This will be your first priority.
    - Full-blown character re-customization needs to be added.
    - Expanded wardrobe features and costume sets need to be added in-game.
    - More interesting non-human races need to be added to both factions.

    You have until 12AM EST to meet these demands. To show that I am a reasonable negotiator, I will alloe CutiePI to type a few words...

    hai kuzin. dese men R pruty srs. he deleted my helmet and now i luk silly. plz gief dem wat dey want so i kan get mah pretty bak. if i get deleted i will tell ur mom!!!!!

    Now you know just how serious I am.

    I look forward to your response, Trion. I hope you care about this developers cousin and her friends,

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    Look, you people have got to stop putting the word "paid" before a feature you want. Triton has said many times they do not really want to charge for services. Saying you want to pay for something does two things.
    1. It seems like you are not listening to them.
    2. They may change their stance on services!

    Respect their wishes and stop trying to spend my money without asking me first!
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    lol @ the people actually whining and crying about this thread.

    If you would use half of the effort you put into crying you would notice I just picked random topics of the day and made a comical thread.

    You guys really need to lighten up and stop nerd raging about everything. So far it is the same people that cry and moan in every possible thread coming into a joke thread proceeding to cry and moan, lol.

    Proceed to nerd rage, I guess.

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    Hi everyone,

    We have closed this thread and would like to take a moment to explain why.

    We know you're trying to inject some humor into your suggestions but if you'd like them to be taken seriously, please recreate the thread in a respectful and constructive tone. We do welcome all feedback, even when it is negative or critical, but we do ask that it is respectful and constructive, please.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you!

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